Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Goodbye - For Now

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EDM 310 Summary

Word Collage EDM 310 taught me a lot of different ways technology can be used in the classroom. Before the class, I had never considered blogging as being a tool used in education. Through the videocast presentation, I learned of so many ways that blogs can be used by teachers and students in the classroom. Comments 4 Kids is just one example of how children can benefit from blogging. I'm sure that when the kids read the posts on their blog, they get the best feeling in the world. I also learned how helpful the ALEX website is for teachers. Teachers can find the course of study for any grade or subject. There are so many different ways that teachers can incorporate technology in to the classroom to make learning more fun for the students.
I think that most things in the class are pretty self explanatory to those who are familiar with computers. There are so many different types of technology that teachers use in the classroom that were not really even taught in the course. I think being taught how to use a Smart Board or Elmo would be really helpful to all of us as future teachers.
I don't think that any material taught in the course should go to waste. I probably will not listen to podcasts or watch a videocast but I know how to use them in case I am required to create a podcast. I think every thing was self explanatory, so I think that attending class was a little pointless since I did all my work outside of class.
I wouldn't necessarily say that the class excited me because most everything I knew how to use from my Computer Applications class in High School. I did enjoy creating a blog and finding cute backgrounds because I did learn how useful blogs can be in the classroom and even in your personal life.
I do not think anything was intellectually challenging. I'm sure for people who are not familiar with using computers there was. But, since I know how to use a computer without any serious difficulties, I did not find any of the assignments challenging.
I was extremely bored sitting in class every Thursday night for 2.5 hours. Since I did all my work at home and knew how to use all the programs, I rarely paid attention in class. I would just go and sit on Facebook during the lecture and pay attention only when I felt like I really needed to. I personally think that attending the class for such a long amount of time was a waste of my time.
The only way I would suggest changing the course is making the class an online class. Dr. Strange has no problem posting videos onto his blog, so I think the class could be changed to an online class. Dr. Strange could post videos explaining how to do something onto his blog and have an option where students can Skype him if they have any other questions.
I think I am technologically literate. I don't think the class improved my literacy a lot because I am already familiar with computers. I wouldn't say I am GREAT, but definitely good. If someone has a question about a computer, I could most likely answer it or try to explain to them what needs to be done.
I don't think that I will have to work hard to maintain my technological literacy. I know that most schools require you to take a technology class before you can start teaching there. So before I teach, I will attend that and get caught up with all the technology at that time.

Technology and Learning

Technology and Learning
Seven Stupid Mistakes
- Thinking Online Communication is ever private - I know for a fact that online communication is never private. People can see your Facebook page, an email you send can be forwarded to people, and you never know who will see what you do online. It is VERY important to be cautious when sending online messages, whether you are a teacher or not, because you never know who will see what all you do.
- Thinking Technology in Schools will go away - Technology is doing nothing but improving each and every day. Not only will technology in schools never go away, but it will do nothing but get more complex. My advice to teachers who are not computer literate is to hurry up and learn because if you wait too long, you will never catch up!

Seven Brilliant Things

- Put Kids in Touch with the World - Kids can learn a lot about different cultures by communicating with other children across the world. Comments 4 Kids is a great way for students to post blogs and comment on other kid's blogs. I think Comments 4 Kids is wonderful because it seems safe, but as teachers we still must supervise everything the students do because anyone can say anything over the internet.

-Delight in the discovery, the newness, and the fun technology holds - Using technology in the classroom can make learning so much more fun for the students! Technology can be used to get creative ideas, post projects, and even play games to enhance learning. Technology should definitely be used in the classroom to make learning more fun!

New Classroom Rules

- Talk only when permitted, text at all other times - I love this rule because it is so true. Even though most schools have a no cell phone police, students still text each other throughout the day. I think it is great having a rule that allows texting in the classroom. It can help students communicate with students and teachers in other classrooms and is a lot easier to have on you at all time than a computer. I know I don't go anywhere without my cell phone.

- Be quiet in lines, hallways, and restrooms, unless you are at home and logged into your on line classroom, in which case you can dance and play - I thought this rule was really creative and it made me smile! I love how dancing and music is at the end. I'm all for not having to go to class and sit still. Online classes allow students to wear whatever they would like and do whatever they like. It is your responsibility to complete the work, so as long as everything is completed there is nothing wrong with dancing as you do your work.

At the Teachers Desk

Teachers desk
At the Teachers Desk is a great example of how blogs can be used in education. I think that the Scary Statistics post by Jarrod Lamshed was very interesting. The post tells that for every 100 girls that do something that is frowned upon by society (such as commit suicide, be suspended or expelled from school, or be in prison) a greater amount of boys do the same thing. For every 100 girls that do something that society approves of (such as going to college, getting a bachelors degree, or getting a masters degree) there is a less amount of boys that do the same. Mr. Lamshed asked a good question at the end of the post: What can we do to help our boys succeed? Mr. C's post How to Get (and Keep) More Visitors is a post that can help teachers that want their blog to be found by others. Mr. C gives four tips to help people make their blog well known. 1) The longer you blog, the more popular your blog will become. 2) Post regularly so that people have a reason to visit your blog again. 3) Include popular searched words in the title of your post. 4) Comment on other blogs so that people will visit your blog. I find these tips very helpful and if you follow Mr. C's tips, your blog will be popular in no time.

Using Technology for Effective Communication is another post by Mr. Lamshed that I found very interesting. He tells how Twitter, Facebook, and Cell Phones are the main source of communication in the world today. He makes a very good point because I communicate with friends and family through Facebook, text messages, and email. Anyone with access to a computer can create a Twitter or Facebook account for FREE! To me, I do see Facebook and cell phones as the main way to communicate with people across the United States and even the world. Pencils and Crayons to be Banned in Schools is a blog post that really got me thinking. How can you have school without pencils and crayons? I want to teach Kindergarten and I think that pencils and crayons are a MAJOR aspect of learning at that age. In math class, I was ALWAYS required to write in pencil. I do not think that banning pencils and crayons in schools is a wise idea because it is keeping children from the educational experience that we all had during our education. Finally, Everyone loves a good movie. So why not read a blog that suggests movies for teachers to watch. Tuesdays with Morrie / Teacher Movies is a post that does just that. I think the collaborative blog is a wonderful idea. Teachers can get advice from so many different teachers on just one blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toward a new future of whatever

I thought the video, Toward a new future of Whatever, was really interesting and true. People these days use Whatever and Meh in every day conversations and it usually makes me mad when people use them without any other words. Whatever can be a very offensive word depending on the context; it can be used sarcastically, when you don't know what else to say, or if you can't make up your mind about something. I go to YouTube all the time when I need a good laugh because YouTube is full of funny videos that my friends and I always watch.
I think what Dr. Welsh says about videos on the computer is absolutely true. I know that when my group was filming our video cast we were really nervous because we had no clue how many people would see the video. It is really awkward just talking to a camera, which is why I really like Skype because if the person on the other end is on video, it is not like you are just talking to a camera. I like the idea of writing a few meaningful words on your hand because there can be really motivational messages for people to see. As a teacher, I know I need to get comfortable being watched by people because I will have a whole class looking up to me. Also, I think it is a good thing to incorporate video into the lesson to get the students comfortable talking into a web cam because our culture is turning toward technology more and more as time progresses.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blogging in the Classroom

Blogging is a wonderful way for students to learn how to use the computer and how to express themselves in writing.Comments4Kids Comments 4 Kids is a really good program for children to post blogs for their class and get comments from people of all ages across the world. The blogs for Comments 4 Kids that I have commented on have seemed like the whole class was given a topic to write about in their blog for the week. It allows students to use their imagination to come up with a creative story for people to read. Mr. C uses his class blog to allow students to post video assignments. blogger I think it is great that he has the students upload videos onto the class blog because it teaches them how to use video at a young age. He also has students post comments in Comments4Kids, particularly Kaia's post. It teaches students how to respect others opinions at a young age and rewording their post and comments to where it is not offensive. For my groups podcast we were assigned the topic "Blogging in the Classroom". worldOne of the pros that my group came up with was that students can talk to students across the world to learn about different cultures. The students can also use the blog posts as their weekly journals express what is on their mind. It can motivate students to learn proper grammar because they think it is the coolest thing that their work is on the internet for other people to see. Blogging is a great education tool and I recommend many teachers use it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comments4Kids #3

For this week's comments4kids assignment, I commented on Noah's blog post about his science experiments. One experiment that his class did is watching meal worms change into beetles. The experiment is not complete yet, but he said that he is really enjoying the experiment. Another experiment they have done in science class is making a plateau out of sand and clay. The students poured water over the plateau to show erosion making it in the plateau change into a delta. I told Noah that my mom used to teach 6th grade science and she would do science experiments with her class on a regular basis. I told him that I like experiments because they are hands on and I learn better with hands on activities. I told Noah to keep up the great work and to continue talking about his fun science experiments that he has done in class.